Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goodbye everyone!

Wow, time really passes. It has already been eleven weeks since I started this blog. I originally took this module to learn about resumes and interviews, and I believe for all intents and purposes, the module has fulfilled that. In addition, I picked up many useful skills, such as presenting and report writing. I also made many new friends in this module.

I feel that my communication skills have improved on the whole. I believe that it will help me immensely in my future endeavors. The module was helpful in promoting interaction between people and really helped to improve my EQ.

Although I had not really spent as much time on this module as I would had like to (my Honours project is killing me), if I had taken this in my earlier years of study, I would definitely had put in my best effort. This module was engaging and interesting, and definitely one of the best modules I have ever taken in NUS. Thanks Brad!

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the module with you guys, and I wish all of you good luck for the upcoming exams!

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